Results and News for 2016

Chittenango Duals Champions!

Chenango Valley won the "More than a Game" Duals in Chittenango over the weekend. They went a perfect 5-0 in dual meets, including a thrilling 39-36 victory over Marcellus to seal first place. The hero of that match was Nathan Aylward, who greatly improved from last year to go 5-0 on Saturday, including the victory sealing win against Marcellus. For that reason he was awarded MOW of the team. Other wrestler going 5-0 were Nathan Lehr and Derek Goga. Full results below.

Chenango Valley 39 - 36 Marcellus

170-Trenton Gates (CV) DEC Thomas Kinsella (MAR) 2-0

182-Kobe Parks (CV) received a forfeit

195-Cory Garvey (MAR) DEC Jack Riegal (CV) 3-1 OT

220-Kern Linder (MAR) FALL Dan Schuldt (CV) 0:15

285-Will Blewett (CV) DEC Garrett Furnia (MAR) 9-5

99-Dom Napoli (CV) received a forfeit

106-Noah Carbone (MAR) FALL Richard Champion (CV) 0:20

113-Nathan Lehr (CV) FALL Zachary Sperling (MAR) 0:42

120-Alex Czerniak (MAR) FALL Dan Tester (CV) 1:14

126-Riley Donovan (MAR) DEC Caleb Wiggins (CV) 2-0

132-Sam Rice (MAR) FALL Coleston Volpe (CV) 0:55

138-Derek Goga (CV) FALL Riley La France (MAR) 0:37

145-Brady Hope (CV) FALL Nick Distefano (MAR) 3:07

152-Nathan Aylward (CV) DEC Sean Madden (MAR) 5-2

160-Robbie Seeley (MAR) FALL Mike Mettler (CV) 0:22

Chittenango Duals Preview

Chenango Valley kicks of its season this weekend with five matches at the Chittenango Duals. They will face off against Chittenango, Homer, Galway, Whitney Point, and Marcellus and have a chance to go 5-0 on Saturday. CV should put 14 starters on the mat, having to forfeit only one weight weight, 220 which will be filled later in the season by the return of Shane Follette from injury. Nate Aurelio will also be out of the lineup this weekend taking the SAT. This season the Warriors return section finalist Caleb Wiggins as well as numerous other section qualifiers. It should be a great start to the season and will allow us to see what CV is made of this year.

Projected Lineup

99-Dom Napoli/Richard Champion

106-Dom Napoli/Richard Champion

113-Nathan Lehr

120-Caleb Wiggins

126-Coleston Volpe/Dan Tester

132-Derek Goga/Zach Sarvey

138-Derek Goga/Zach Sarvey

145-Brady Hope/Nate Aylward

152-Brady Hope/Nate Aylward

160-Michael Mettler

170-Trenton Gates

182-Jack Riegal

195-Dan Schuldt


285-Will Blewett


Chenango Valley Wrestling loses four seniors to graduation in 2016. Jacob Lehr finishes his career as four-time section-place winner with 149 career wins, placing him 5th on the career wins list. He will continue his academic career at Cornell University and will be on the varsity wrestling team. Steve Aylward finished his career with a 5th place finish in section IV and 95 career wins, placing him 17th on the career wins list. He will continue his academics at SUNY Broome. Nick Pert finishes his career as a three-year varsity starter with 66 career wins, tying him for 27th on the career wins list with Trent Mohney and Dustin Sowka. He will continue his education at SUNY Broome with plans to transfer to RIT. Marcel Denny also finished his wrestling career this year and will continue his education at Broome-Tioga BOCES.

Results and News for 2015

Chenango Valley Captures the Division before Christmas!

After defeating Oneonta on Tuesday night, Chenango Valley clinched their second division title in a row and first lone title in school history. The 2015-2016 season marks the first time in school history that Chenango Valley has defeated all division opponents in the same season. Going 3-0 in league matches were Nate Aurelio, Jake Lehr, and Nate Lehr. Dan Tester and Elijah Williams were also undefeated against league opponents. The Warriors next tournament is in Oswego on December 28th-29th and their next dual meet is on January 5th at Norwich.

Oneonta 27 - 47 Chenango Valley

152-Dylan Breed (O) DEC Steve Aylward (CV) 7-0

160-Dalton Carver (O) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 0:43

170-Nick Pert (CV) FALL Jerry Wells (O) 5:19

182-Jake Croster (O) DEC Jack Riegal (CV) 4-2

195-Thomas Fischer (O) FALL Garrett Miller (CV) 2:32

220-Nate Aurelio (CV) DEC Richard Serafin (O) 9-2

285-Leroy Williams (O) receives a forfeit

99-Nathan Lehr (CV) FALL Brendan Horth (O) 2:26

106-Elijah Williams (CV) FALL Cheyne Fassett (O) 1:02

113-Cameron Lockwood (CV) FALL Cameron Neer (O) 4:24

120-Dan Tester (CV) receives a forfeit

126-Caleb Wiggins (CV) FALL Tryston Jennings (O) 0:34

132-Jacob Lehr (CV) TECH Hunter Burch (O) 17-0; 4:00

138-Brady Hope (CV) DEC Parker Adkins (O) 5-4

145-Tony Giovagnoli (O) DEC Nathan Aylward (CV) 11-10

Chenango Forks 29 - 39 Chenango Valley

170-Nick Pert (CV) DEC Jacob Krupp (CF) 11-5

182-Chris Polhamus (CF) FALL Jack Riegal (CV) 4:23

195-Nate Aurelio (CV) FALL Josh Gould (CF) 1:20

220-Zane Burns (CF) DEC Garrett Miller (CV) 3-1

285-Dylan Silvanic (CF) receives a forfeit

99-No Match

106-Nathan Lehr (CV) FALL Jacob Bogue (CF) 1:33

113-Cameron Lockwood (CV) FALL Guari Reyes (CF) 0:16

120-Caleb Wiggins (CV) DEC Pat Borelli (CF) 4-2

126-Jacob Lehr (CV) DEC Kris Borelli (CF) 11-6

132-Jack Abbey (CF) DEC Derek Goga (CV) 6-4

138-Brady Hope (CV) FALL Justin Rouse (CF) 3:56

145-Steve Aylward (CV) FALL Braxton Stout-Moran (CF) 4:40

152-Jeremiah Allen (CF) TECH Nathan Aylward (CV) 19-4; 5:53

160-Michael Riggans (CF) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 3:04

Windsor 28 - 39 Chenango Valley

132-Nick Kennedy (W) DEC Caleb Wiggins (CV) 11-7

138-Derek Goga (CV) DEC Christian Ludwig (W) 10-3

145-Simon Friedman (W) MAJ Brady Hope (CV) 12-3

152-Steve Aylward (CV) DEC Mike Wilmot (W) 5-4

160-Dante Pultz (W) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 0:53

170-Gabe Zakrajsek (W) DEC Nick Pert (CV) 8-6

182-Jack Riegal (CV) DEC Codey Anderson (W) 6-0

195-Garrett Miller (CV) FALL Phil Radicchi (W) ) 0:25

220-Nate Aurelio (CV) FALL Evan Decker (W) 0:50

285-Braxton Acquisto-Ray (W) receives a forfeit

99-Nathan Lehr (CV) DEC Mike McDaniels (W) 4-0 OT

106-Elijah Williams (CV) receives a forfeit

113-Corey Swartz (W) FALL Cameron Lockwood (CV) 1:49

120-Dan Tester (CV) FALL Kyle Bowling (W) 5:37

126-Jacob Lehr (CV) DEC Darren Dixon (W) 6-0

Matt Fedish Memorial Duals

Newark Valley 39 - 35 Chenango Valley

126-Caleb Wiggins (CV) FALL Davis Eastman (NV) 5:12

132-Hunter Hoffmier (NV) DEC Jacob Lehr (CV) 5-2

138-Lane Carrier (NV) DEC Derek Goga (CV) 9-3

145-Gianno Silba (NV) FALL Brady Hope (CV) 3:05

152-Justin Post (NV) DEC Steve Aylward (CV) 6-1

160-David Crow (NV) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 0:30

170-Nick Pert (CV) FALL Anthony Bruno (NV) 0:42

182-Jack Riegal (CV) FALL Devon Cardone (NV) 1:50

195-Alex Woodmansee (NV) DEC Nate Aurelio (CV) 4-2

220-Jason Duke (NV) FALL Garrett Miller (CV) 1:32

285-Trentyn Rupert (NV) receives a forfeit

99-Nathan Lehr (CV) TECH Ethan Tompkins (NV) 16-1; 5:32

106-Clint Baker (NV) DEC Elijah Williams (CV) 6-2

113-Jake Aurelio (CV) receives a forfeit

120-Dan Tester (CV) receives a forfeit

Maine-Endwell 36 - 49 Chenango Valley

113-Cheyenne Sisenstein (M-E) FALL Jake Aurelio (CV) 0:46

120-Dan Tester (CV) receives a forfeit

126-Caleb Wiggins (CV) MAJ Mason Pelton (M-E) 12-2

132-Jacob Lehr (CV) FALL Roman Jellick (M-E) 0:31

138-Austin Sullivan (M-E) FALL Nathan Aylward (CV) 2:39

145-Steve Aylward (CV) FALL Anthony Bonanno (M-E) 1:01

152-Kobe Garrehy (M-E) FALL Brady Hope (CV) 0:15

160-Micah Miller (M-E) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 0:36

170-Nick Pert (CV) DEC Levi Struble (M-E) 9-4

182-Jack Riegal (CV) FALL Luke Russo (M-E) 2:25

195-Shea Osovski (M-E) FALL Garrett Miller (CV) 0:54

220-Nate Aurelio (CV) FALL Steven Lageman (M-E) 4:33

285-Noah Medina (M-E) receives a forfeit

99-Nathan Lehr (CV) receives a forfeit

106-Elijah Williams (CV) receives a forfeit

Susquehanna Valley 33 - 51 Chenango Valley

106-Elijah Williams (CV) receives a forfeit

113-Tayson Evans (SV) DEC Jake Aurelio (CV) 9-8

120-Dan Tester (CV) receives a forfeit

126-Caleb Wiggins (CV) FALL Josh Devine (SV) 2:36

132-Jacob Lehr (CV) FALL Eddie Lavin (SV) 2:35

138-Paddy Lupole (SV) FALL Derek Goga (CV) 5:02

145-Brady Hope (CV) FALL Kyle Leonard (SV) 1:15

152-Steve Aylward (CV) FALL Chris Harold (SV) 1:02

160-Sean Kane (SV) FALL Kobe Parks (CV) 3:15

170-Matt DePersis (SV) FALL Nick Pert (CV) 3:01

182-Jack Riegal (CV) FALL Jordan Slater (SV) 1:26

195-Richie Knapp (SV) FALL Garrett Miller (CV) 0:49

220-Nate Aurelio (CV) DEC Connor Cleary (SV) 7-0

285-Caleb Strong (SV) receives a forfeit

Greene 18 - 63 Chenango Valley

99-Nathan Lehr (CV) FALL Jordan Taft (GRE) 1:26

106-Elijah Williams (CV) receives a forfeit

113-Jake Aurelio (CV) receives a forfeit

120-Caleb Wiggins (CV) FALL Logan Kennedy (GRE) 0:51

126-Zach Sarvey (CV) receives a forfeit

132-Jacob Lehr (CV) FALL Gavin Palmer (GRE) 3:14

138-Ryan Castle (GRE) FALL Derek Goga (CV) 3:07

145-Brady Hope (CV) DEC Joe Phillips (GRE) 5-0

152-Nate Banks (GRE) FALL Steve Aylward (CV) 2:31

160-Marcel Denny (CV) receives a forfeit

170-Nick Pert (CV) receives a forfeit

182-Jack Riegal (CV) receives a forfeit

195-Braxton Howell (GRE) FALL Nate Aurelio (CV) 2:53

220-Garrett Miller (CV) receives a forfeit

285-No Match

Owego 18 58 Chenango Valley

160- Devin Horton (OFA) FALL Marcel Denny (CV) 1:12

170- Nick Pert (CV) FALL James Bundy (OFA) 1:09

182- Jack Riegal (CV) DEC Elijah Cantella (OFA) 11-5

195- Nate Aurelio (CV) FALL Timothy Herbert (OFA) 1:49

220- Colton VanDriesen (OFA) FALL Garrett Miller (CV) 1:17

285- Maurice Bell (OFA) receives a forfeit

99-No Match

106-Nathan Lehr (CV) MAJ Andrew Laubach (OFA) 12-3

113- Cameron Lockwood (CV) FALL Joel Choynowski (OFA) 4:38

120-Caleb Wiggins (CV) FALL Austin Culver (OFA) 0:45

126- Jacob Lehr (CV) FALL Jason Kithcart (OFA) 0:39

132- Derek Goga (CV) DEC Trevor Hopler (OFA) 4-2

138- Nathan Aylward (CV) FALL Cameron Bundy (OFA) 2:38

145- Brady Hope (CV) FALL Jacob Prokop (OFA) 5:52

152- Steve Aylward (CV) FALL Derek Griffin (OFA) 1:10

Back-To-Back Bulldog Champions!

Chenango Valley won their second consecutive Bulldog Invitational title on December 5th. Chenango Valley outscored second place Catskill High School by nearly 100 points and placed 15 wrestlers in the top 6. They had 37 pins en route to scoring nearly 300 points and winning the team title. Champions for the Warriors were Nathan Lehr (106), Caleb Wiggins (120), and Nate Aurelio (195). Finishing as runner-ups for CV were Jacob Lehr (126), Derek Goga (132), and Garrett Miller (182).

Full Results (Weight-by-Weight)

106-Nathan Lehr-1st

106-Elijah Williams-3rd

113-Cameron Lockwood-4th

113-Jake Aurelio-6th

120-Caleb Wiggins-1st

120-Dan Tester-9th

126-Jake Lehr-2nd

132-Derek Goga-2nd

132-Mike Mettler-6th

138-Nate Aylward-6th

145-Steve Aylward-3rd

145-Brady Hope-4th

152-Marcel Denny-10th

160-Kobe Parks-11th

170-Trenton Gates-6th

182-Garrett Miller-2nd

182-Shane Follette-3rd

195-Nate Aurelio-1st

2016-2017 Results

12/3: Chittenango Duals

          1st Place: 5-0

12/9-10: Matt Fedish Memorial Duals

12/13: Windsor

12/20: Oneonta

12/22: @ Chenango Forks

12/27-28: Kenneth Haines Invitational @ SUNY Oswego

1/3: Norwich

1/10: @ Johnson City

1/6-7: Ross Kordell Rotary Invitational @ Oneonta

1/14: Dominick Crossman Duals @ Schoharie

1/20-21: STAC Tournament

1/22: Whitney Point @ Cornell University

1/25: @ Marathon

1/28: Section IV Duals @ Vestal

2/4: Class B Tournament

2/11: Section IV Tournament @ Watkins Glen

2/24-25: New York State Tournament @ Albany

BOLD indicates HOME

2015-2016 Results

12/5: Bulldog Invitational @ BKW

         1st Place: 276 Points

12/8: @ Owego

         WIN: 58-18

12/12: Matt Fedish Memorial Duals

          2nd Place: 3-1

12/15: @ Windsor

          WIN: 39-28

12/17: Chenango Forks

          WIN: 39-29

12/22: @ Oneonta

          WIN: 47-27

12/28-29: Ken Haines Invitational @ SUNY Oswego

           14th Place: 90 Points

1/5: @ Norwich

           LOSS: 46-33

1/9: Central Square Duals


1/14: Whitney Point

           WIN: 58-27

1/15-16: Snowed-Out Duals @ Campbell-Savona

           3rd: 5-2

1/19: Ithaca

           WIN: 60-18

1/22: @ Elmira (Section IV Duals)

           WIN: 41-36

1/23: BGAH @ Vestal

          LOSS: 46-26

1/27: Walton (Senior Night)

           WIN: 51-36

1/29-30: STACs @ Owego

           7th Place: 129 Points

2/6: Class B Tournament @ Windsor

          3rd Place: 176 Points

2/12-13: Section IV Tournament @ Floyd L. Maines Arena

          10th Place: 76 Points

2/26-27: State Tournament @ Albany Times Union Center